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Upcoming events

  • 13.7. - 16.7.2017
    Mountainbike Lady Bike Camp
    Mountainbike Lady Bike Camp
  • 22.7. - 23.7.2017
    Hockenheim (D) Rennstrecken-Training, ONE SPOT OPEN
    Hockenheim (D) Rennstrecken-Training, ONE SPOT OPEN
  • 25.11. - 9.12.2017
    Enduro tour to South Africa
    Enduro tour to South Africa
  • 27.1. - 10.2.2018
    Harley Heaven Tour South Africa
    Harley Heaven Tour South Africa

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***Update regarding my racing season*** (please read all) Dear all my friends, fans and supports, I was quiet for a long time, because I didn’t know how and if to share this information with you… I was also afraid, because social media and standing in public is not always easy. But I have so many people asking and requests about my plans and my career, when and where I will finally start my racing season. I was always communicating with you and sharing my life, my great moments and the bad once. I am perfectly recovered from my bad injury in August 2015, my hand is doing good, I have not told you why I was not able to ride last year. Unfortunately, there was made a mistake in one of the smaller surgery’s, a nerve was injured in my hand, so bad luck and no chance to ride for me in 1016. But now all good and I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike! 2017 I was planning to ride the women’s cup, FIM Alpe Adria and some starts in IDM, all in Superbike Class. But everything has changed. My partner, mechanic and the person that takes care of everything around me, the one I need to be able to race, got the diagnosis beginning of February that he has lung cancer. We are in therapy and fighting the cancer and hoping to win this fight. This is why I can’t ride, without him I am lost. I am so sad in so many ways that it is very hard to explain. I personally was fighting 1.5 years to get back on the bike with all I had, because this is what I want, and nothing else… and now there is a new fight we have to challenge and still no racing. I am training everyday physically on the mountain bike and a bit on the moto cross track, so when the time comes I am ready to get back on the bike! Please be assured that there is no bigger and stronger wish for me than getting back on the bike to race! And as soon as we have fought the cancer we will try to find sponsors again for racing. I hope this helps the answer some questions. Big hug and thanks Sabine


Masse /  175 cm, 57kg
Type /  grosse Blondine
PS /  immer 110%
Motorrad /  BMW S 1000 RR
Rennserie /  FIM European Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR)
Erfolge /  2014 Supersport 600ccm, 9ter Gesamtrang
2015 Superbike 1000ccm, offizieller (f) Rundenrekord, Hungaroring (HU) 
2015 Superbike 1000ccm, offizieller (f) Runderekord, Grobnik (HR)
2016 Superbike 1000ccm, offizieller (f) Runderekord, Slovakiaring (SK) 

...andere nennen es die pure Leidenschaft!

Motorrad fahren ist meine Leidenschaft! Ich arbeite sehr hart an mir und an meinen Zielen, damit ich diese erreichen kann, denn es braucht sehr viel, um diese zu erreichen. Im Motorsport braucht es noch so viel mehr Komponenten um vorne mit dabei sein zu können, das Material, die Abstimmung auf die jeweilige Strecke, Temperatur, Reifen, Data, das Team, etc. Für mich ist es noch der Adrenalinkick und die wahnsinnigen Geschwindigkeiten und Kräfte die auf mich einwirken. Bei all dem muss ich noch die Konzentration den Fokus auf die Zehntelsekunde perfekt herbringen und das über vierzig Minuten. Das verlangt mir geistig, sowie körperlich einfach alles ab und genau das ist für mich der Reiz am Rennen fahren.

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