Keynote speaker at the AWE Summit, Zürich

What does a clown, a motorcycle racer and a spiritual medium have in common? At the recent AWE Summit, I learned that they are all powerful women who found their true self in their careers and now make a remarkable difference in this world.

The AWE Summit event was held in Zurich for the second time on 31st October 2015.

The AWE (Assertive Women Entrepreneurs) Summit under the motto “Giving Voice to Women” has a storytelling format and aims to influence people and move them into action. This was the second one held in Zurich, after an earlier one in June in Barcelona. It was an opportunity to meet amazing women from different professions who above all, are loyal to their core values and beliefs.

On stage, we saw daring women showing their vulnerability in order to encourage others in similar battles, those who might also be struggling with difficulties and obstacles in life. They are entrepreneurs, career women and artists coming from different backgrounds and with successful stories conquered by their strength and belief in their dreams.

We all have our bad days, days that sometimes turn into phases, sad experiences and tribulations. There are times when we are about to lose our faith, we want to give up and we keep on suffering. These speakers showed us that we are not alone, they all had to fight their personal demons, pull themselves together and put their feet firmly back on track, in order to be able to stand tall and proudly say “I did it!”

We must fight for our place in the sun likewise, Sabine Holbrook, a stunning successful executive, discovered her own truth racing on a motorcycle.

Lesson learned: The secret to happiness and personal success is to be present and whole-hearted in everything you do. The next AWE Summit is happening in Zurich in September 2016, but if you can’t wait, there will be one in Porto (May) and another one in Barcelona (June). Save your seat, fasten your belt, welcome on board to this spectacular journey.



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